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Portable Solar Unit Combines Wind Turbine for Real Camping Off-grid Power

by Robert on March 6, 2011

in Portable Power

Solar and wind energy concepts demonstrate again and again how flexible portable power technology can be. Recently an Argentinean designer has created a portable solar pod combined into the blades of a wind turbine. Called the Newen, this portable solar off-grid self-contained generator combines style with practicality and can be used for camping and emergency power.

Portable solar is a natural, inexhaustible energy source that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities off-grid. People can now successfully blend their work with their family time without either having to suffer.

This portable solar power unit taps into green electricity for all of your power needs while camping. It is also capable of providing portable solar and wind energy to temporary shelters and housing units.

Newen is a portable solar power unit tall and stylish looking providing off-grid energy for all your power needs and will make you the envy of your fellow travelers. This portable solar unit will also provide emergency power to temporary shelters and housing units, but as a design, we believe that it can be used for energy needs of existing permanent structures as well. Just get one of these for your home, put it in the lawn, get the connections done and you would be ready to get things running on clean portable solar energy.

The design of the portable solar module sees both a rotating pod and solar panels on top that will constantly tap into the alternate energy sources. At the base will be the battery which will store the generated power and distribute it on demand. In addition to providing portable solar power when camping, the Newen will work for off-grid electricity when a community is struck by a disaster and is looking for temporary solutions before the power lines are back in place.

What separates this portable solar unit from the rest is its simple design, ergonomic form and the fact that it taps into both solar and wind power at the same time. The inventor of this portable solar unit also plans a small off-grid design with six integrated modules and battery backup for LED Lighting, nodes to charge electronic devices, speakers, WiFI repeaters, VHF Radio and even infra-red sensors for security. The portable solar unit is just the beginning of a string of porducts the designer has on the drawing table.

The design of Newen portable solar off-grid pod allows it to be used in many places and even under harsh conditions. This Eco friendly unit will soon be on the world wide portable solar market everywhere.

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