Portable Solar Panels, Aim High

Brunton portable power along with Goal Zero leads the way. The leading manufacturers of camping equipment for today’s outdoor adventure, Brunton Outdoors is located in a new, state-of-the-art facility at the gateway to the Wind River Mountains in Riverton, Wyoming. Goal Zero has a modern state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Idaho. Brunton and Goal Zero portable power are well known for their innovation in camping. Discover a universe of outdoor portable solar panels with Goal Zero and Brunton.

Brunton and Goal Zero portable solar power panels continues to expand portable power devices and gadgets with the new restore charger hybrid Brunton portable power device which features solar panels and battery storage. The new Restore from Brunton power is a hybrid power device delivering power for USB-based items nearly anywhere and at any time. The Restore, big brother to the new Freedom charger, features two powerful polycrystalline portable power solar panels that fold clam-shell style for added protection. Brunton Portable power Restore is capable of withstanding the rigors of the outdoors but stylish enough to carry every day. 5v / 2,200 mAh battery 1,000 mA output Two 100 mA Brunton portable power solar panels gauge rubberized housing for increased durability.

Brunton and Goal Zero portable power – Consumer Electronics: Handheld Devices & Rechargeable Batteries Application: Charges/runs most handheld electronic devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, Personal Digital Assistants; and is also compatible for running most AA/AAA Ni-Cd and Ni-M-H battery chargers. How to use: Connect the 12 V vehicle power outlet receptacle to the Folding Solar Panel. Insert the adaptor (male) included with the handheld electronic device or battery charger into the 12 V vehicle power outlet. Place the panel in direct sunlight. Consult Goal Zero or Brunton appropriate “Product Application Chart” for charging times. 12 V Accessories Application: Charges/runs most 12 V accessories. How to use: Connect the 12 V vehicle power plug to the Folding Solar Panel. Insert the 12 V vehicle power plug directly into the socket of the 12 V accessory. Consult appropriate “Product Application Chart” for charging times.

Brunton portable power – Vehicle Batteries – Application: Trickle charges and maintains car / RV / marine batteries. How to use: Connect the 18” battery clamps to the Folding Solar Panel. Directly connect the 18” battery clamps (included with the Folding Solar power Panel) to the vehicle battery. Or Connect the 12 V vehicle power plug to the Folding Solar Panel. Insert the 12 V vehicle power plug directly into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. Place the solar charger on the car’s dashboard so that it receives direct sunlight. NOTE: The Folding Solar Panel is not designed for continuous outdoor use. Disconnect and store the solar charger in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Brunton and Goal Zero portable solar frequently asked questions:

How do I know that my folding solar panel is working? Check the charge indicator light or bar on the handheld electronics or accessory. For battery charging, the product can be
tested with a volt meter.

How do I know what size to use? For Goal Zero and Brunton equipment if you click on our live chat we will guide you to the best portable solar charger.

Will this product drain my battery at night? No. The Brunton portable power and Goal Zero solar panels have built-in reversing diode and charge regulator that prevents the solar array from discharging your battery at night.
What happens if the portable solar power panel gets wet? All our Brunton and Goal Zero portable solar chargers are durable built to withstand the rigors of backcountry living. But keep in mind they are electronic which means you should not submerse the portable solar panels and dry after using before you store the equipment. Wipe the product with a clean, dry cloth and allow the product to dry before folding for storage.

Can I leave the portable solar power panel outside for continual use?

Portable solar products are not designed to be kept permanently outdoors. If you have that type of application, consider a ridged solar panel.

Should the solar panel be disconnected from the car battery when starting the engine?

Brunton as well as Goal Zero portable solar power panels warrants their product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. This warranty extends to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. This warranty is void and a charge for repair will be made if the portable solar panel has been damaged by negligence, accident or mishandling, or has not been operated in accordance with standard operating procedures, or if the product was altered or repaired by anyone other than a Brunton or Goal Zero repair facility. No other warranty, expressed or implied, applies to the Brunton or Goal Zero product, nor is any person or company authorized to assume any other warranty for Brunton or Goal Zero. Brunton or Goal Zero does not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages occasioned by this product. Should the product prove defective, contact Brunton, and you will be provided with a Return Authorization Number (RA#).

Brunton portable solar power panels – CAUTION: Check for compatibility and fit of adaptors before using the unit to charge electronic devices. Improperly seated adaptors can be a shock hazard and may damage the electronic device. CAUTION: The USB output from this unit is built for USB 2.0 compatible 5V units. DO NOT use any Brunton or Goal Zero portable power device to power medical equipment, life support or other critical devices.

Brunton portable solar power panels – Charging with a USB cable that was supplied with your 5V electronics. To fully charge your Brunton Restore unit. Unplug the Mini USO connector from the side of the unit. Plug the USB cable supplied with your portable electronic device into the USB port on the Brunton Restore. Plug the other end of your cable into the electronic device needing power. Wait unit the electronic device is fully charged. Unplug the cable from the electronic device and from the Brunton portable power Restore battery charger. Reseat the mini USE connector into the port on the Brunton portable power Restore battery charger. Recharge unit as necessary.

Buy Brunton and Goal Zero portable solar chargers directly from our website as we ship worldwide. We have a wide range of high-quality Brunton and Goal Zero portable solar chargers and portable batteries from which you can get your mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and other electrical devices charged up anytime and anywhere. You can get these stylish quality useful solar mobile phone chargers on our on-line shopping store at cheap prices. Blue Pacific Solar will provide you the lowest price and the best service you have ever received. Brunton makes everything small and tetchy in your pack. Best known for their compasses, Brunton also makes stoves, wilderness power accessories, all kinds of navigation instruments, binoculars and lanterns. Never content to sit on their heels, Brunton is always devising new and better ways to explore.

Brunton and Goal Zero portable power high-quality cheap solar technology is incorporated into a range of products from their foldable portable solar chargers, offering everyone from outdoors enthusiasts to commuters to military applications a solution to charge their phones, laptops, car batteries, to solar panels and power devices anywhere around the globe. Goal Zero and Brunton are the leaders in the portable solar technology field. Goal Zero portable power quality cheap solar rechargeable electronic batteries, portable battery packs, are used for; backpacking the Grand Canyon, mobile power, emergency survival power, military solar power applications, wilderness power, search and rescue portable power, disaster portable power, backpacking, hiking, camping hiking, trekking, cycling, RV car truck snowmobile marine battery trickle charging, off grid power, mountain outdoor vacation, mountains vacations power hiking trail adventure, and outdoors trips. All Brunton and Goal Zero portable power solar chargers products are plug and play technology. Buy a quality durable Brunton or Goal Zero portable solar power or portable rechargeable battery.

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