Nomad 7 is the Best Off-Grid Solar Charger in It’s Class

off-grid solar

Nomad 7 solar watt off-grid solar panel kit includes the Guide 10 battery pack with 4 rechargeable batteries. With the Nomad 7 solar panel and the Guide 10 power pack you can recharge and go. If you want to get an idea how long it will take to power up your small electronic gadget, Goal Zero has field tested this kit with an independent team of outdoors experts.

The Nomad 7 watt solar panel will charge most USB and 12V gadgets directly from the portable solar panel. You can also charge multiple small electronic devices simultaneously if they are connected to both the USB and the 12V output ports. The Nomad 7 watt solar panel splits the incoming solar power to both output ports. Goal Zero calls the re-power numbers TrueWatt charging times. iPod = 2 hours. Garmin GPS about 2 hours. Charging a cell phone 1 hour. Go Pro Camera, 4 hours and last but not least this solar panel will charge a Satellite phone in about 2 hours.

The Nomad 7 watt solar panel is weather resistant but it is not waterproof. That means you will not damage the portable solar panel by getting it wet, but don’t try and hold it underwater. You also need to keep in mind that the Nomad 7 watt solar panel needs to pointed at the sun for it to deliver a full 7 watts of power. These high tech solar panels have more power per square inch than any other solar technology. But keep in mind that mono-crystalline solar panels need to be kept free of shading to work properly.

You iPhone users might want to make a note that the iPhone can be pretty prickly when it comes to power sources. If you attempt to charge your iPhone directly from the Nomad 7 watt solar panel, the iPhone may display a compatibility warning which you interpret as. Part of the problem is the inherent inconsistency of solar with clouds passing over or other shadows. Oh, wait, that’s not a problem with the Guide 10 Adventure Kit because it not only includes the Nomad 7 solar panel but also rechargeable batteries. Power your iPhone using the USB port on the Guide 10. Problem solved!

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