Generators, Cars, No Gas Signs, Emergency Solar To the Rescue

Revised 5/6/2013 – Saturday New Jersey Gov. Christie implemented a gas-rationing system reminiscent of the 1970’s. Can emergency solar generators provide a viable substitute? Super-storm Sandy was indeed a terrible disaster but maybe it should be treated as a wake up call. Americans sit complacent on their couches content watching Honey Bo Bo and dancing with the stars while their country is fighting two wars and our climate is undeniably changing.

Come-on America, instead of complaining about the long gas lines maybe its time to take some personal responsibility for the lights in your home. We want smaller government… until we need it. Emergency solar generators do not need fossil fuel and can virtually last a lifetime with a minimum of replacement parts. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your refrigerator running and a few lights on when the next Sandy hits? Emergency solar generators come in all types, sizes and price tags but there is one for every pocketbook or circumstance.

Small solar generators start from $1,500 to $4,800 and will power a few small lights and radio to a refrigerator. Taking up little space, the Ecotricity has two fold-able 45 watt solar panels on a cart that plugs into the inverter and battery pack. The 4.8 kW (4800 watt) kit provides you with dependable backup battery power when you need it most. Fully automatic, this emergency solar backup power center can sit in your garage keeping the batteries topped off. Don’t worry, the Magnum Energy MM-RC25 remote control monitor located on the outside of the front of the cabinet will show you your battery state of charge and tell you if something is wrong.

Farther up the scale is the 10K home backup kit. The 10kW kit provides you with dependable emergency battery power when you need it most. The backup power kit provides you with dependable power stored in 8 powerful sealed AGM batteries with an option to add 16 more. Fully automatic, the power center will detect a utility power blackout and automatically switch over to your battery bank whether you are home or gone. The most compact and functional design on the market provides for location flexibility to add solar panels and qualify for a 30% federal tax credit. the powder coated outdoor cabinet has a keyed lock for security, advanced digital LED display, AC power outlets and 4400 watt continuous AC power inverter / charge controller.

Whatever your needs, consider the “what if” before it becomes reality.

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